Specialist Cleaning Services

Trauma Scene Cleaning

Newlife are acutely aware of the health hazards involved in the cleaning and safe removal of bio hazardous materials resulting from accidental or intentional trauma.

Trauma scene cleaning and crime scene cleaning is more than just standard domestic cleaning. Many people assume that the emergency services will clean a scene when they have finished providing their essential services; however this is not the case. Effective trauma scene management requires a specialist level of cleaning. Newlife’s experienced trauma scene cleaning team will work discreetly with respect to effectively remove all bio waste materials, sanitise and disinfect all contaminated areas. Newlife are experienced in handling natural and violent death cleanups, suicide clean ups and cleaning up after undiscovered deaths.

S43 - Trauma Scene

Effective trauma scene management requires a specialist level of cleaning

All potentially infectious materials are disposed in line with current medical and environmental legislation and full blood cleaning and stains removal is carried out as part of our trauma scene cleaning service. We hope that you will never require our crime or trauma scene services. If you do our operatives will work with compassion and professionalism to provide an effective solution and swift conclusion, whatever the circumstances.

Pest Control Services

Current legislation states that business owners must take the necessary precautions in regards to pest control. An effective pest control program can anticipate and control potential pest problems before they occur, helping to protect your business from costly downtime and lost revenue. From initial site inspection and risk assessments analysis Newlife’s experienced BPCA (British Pest Control Association) registered pest control operatives can implement and effective monitoring and prevention schedule; eliminating the threat of pest infestation. Covering all aspects of commercial pest control, be it a planned maintenance pest control contract or a one off pest control service, Newlife can provide cost effective solutions across all sectors. Assisting facility managers, retail and hospitality industries and pharmaceutical companies across the country in providing tailored pest control solutions. Please contact us for more information about our pest control services.

Graffiti Removal Service

Newlife are specialists in the field of graffiti removal. Covering an array of surface applications, our graffiti removal operatives are trained in a variety of graffiti removal techniques to carry out safe and effective graffiti removal from glass, masonry, metal and wood. Combating graffiti can be extremely expensive to implement. Newlife can apply a range of specialist cost effective anti-graffiti solutions to help combat the problem. Sacrificial coatings are protective but must be reapplied after graffiti removal. Permanent non sacrificial coatings are unaffected by graffiti removal and remain in situ after the process. Our trained graffiti removal operatives will advise the best method of protection for your surface application; allowing for efficient and effective graffiti removal, which helps to reduce maintenance and labour costs. Be it part of a void property clean or a one off act of vandalism, Newlife work in partnership with housing associations, facility management companies and local councils across the country. Our teams are able to mobilise quickly and have the knowledge and experience to carry out an efficient graffiti removal service for your business.

Escalator Cleaning

Escalator cleaning is a specialist service that is often overlooked through fears of expensive dismantling and reassembly costs. With conventional cleaning ineffective at removing stubborn ground in dirt, Newlife utilise the latest precision engineered escalator cleaning equipment to effectively deep clean all risers and horizontals in situ, restoring them to their newly installed condition.


Regular escalator cleaning to remove the harmful build-up of dirt and grease reduces the risk of damage to the mechanisms


With experience of escalator cleaning within shopping centres, airports, department stores and corporate buildings, Newlife can carry out effective escalator cleaning outside of trading hours, thus minimising disruption to customers and employees. On completion of the initial clean Newlife can arrange further contracted visits of any frequency to maintain the as new appearance of your escalators.

Regular escalator cleaning to remove the harmful build-up of dirt and grease reduces the risk of damage to the mechanisms and possible mechanical failure, helping to reduce maintenance costs. Please contact us for more information about our escalator cleaning service.

Floor Cleaning and Treatments

Natural Stone and Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Natural stone flooring is an investment in quality, each installation having its own uniqueness and character. Granite, limestone, marble and terrazzo floors add a prestige that offers guests, members and customers assurance in your commitment to their comfort and wellbeing.


Working in partnership with clients such as The Jurys Inns chain and The Marriott Group, Newlife provide an unrivalled quality in professional stone floor cleaning and stone restoration services. Many specialist floor cleaning companies rely on the application of waxes to provide a superficial and artificial sheen. Newlife use a multi stage process of diamond grinding, vitrification, polishing, rejuvenating and restoring your stone floor to its original shine; protecting your floor and providing longevity for your investment.

Vinyl, Altro and Wood Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Our experienced floor cleaning operatives have expert knowledge of many surface applications. Our processes include specialist seals and polishes to vinyl and natural wood installations and buffing and polishing to altro flooring. With specialist floor cleaning treatments, Newlife are able to maintain your floor whatever the application, retaining its as new condition and saving on restoration costs year after year.

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