I aint afraid of no dust

Our managing director recently returned from Amsterdam, having attended the ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2012 exhibition. Upon his return, he was equipped with a number of leaflets and company literature, showcasing some of the best and most innovative products in our industry.


One of the leaflets contained the above product, a Koala Back Pack Vac, created by Australian organisation Polivac. We couldn’t help but think, that this product resembled a certain Proton Pack, worn in the Ghostbusters films!

This resemblance aside,we thought that this vacuum cleaner was a fantastic idea, and certainly worthwhile mentioning on our blog. The Kola Back Pack Vac has a number of key features, which make it an option worth considering, as an alternative to traditional vacuums.

You may think that the design, being strapped around the operatives’ back, could be uncomfortable for them whilst they work. However, this product is particularly lightweight, and has considered all elements, to place technicians’ comfort as the top priority. It has a fully adjustable waistband, to suit users of all sizes and genders, and the straps around the body are contoured, to fit easily to the body. The vacuum’s harness is made entirely out of foam, offering more bounce, and less resistance to movement, than other materials.

The product, as it will be constantly moved and manoeuvred whilst on operatives’ backs, has to be lightweight in order to be comfy. However, that does not mean that the vacuum is not tough against the wear and tear the comes alongside this. The product’s tough, rotationally moulded body has been designed for industrial uses; commercial cleaning contractors can use this vacuum cleaner without it damaging, or cracking in any way.

Although it is small, light and tough, the Koala Back Pack Vac can still hold plenty of dust and dirt. The dustbag can contain up to six litres of waste and grime, which means that your team are able to work for longer, before they have to empty it. This means that more time can be spent on your clean up, and more work can be done with your day. This is enhanced by the 1100 and 850 watt Domel motor in the machines, which promises to provide extra cleaning power, meaning that an area will require less work to make it spotless.

So, if you’re a contract cleaning organisation, and you do a lot of daily cleaning or other services where you have to vacuum large areas very quickly, the Koala Back Pack Vac could be for you.

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