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Here at Newlife, we’re always looking to support the industry where we can. Particularly the small cleaning company entrepreneurs around the country. After all that’s how Newlife started some thirty years ago.  Since the huge interest we had after releasing some free cleaning method statements to download. We thought we’d do another free document give away to offer something back to the industry.

Since the distribution of our new cleaning staff company handbook last year, we thought we’d make our previous edition absolutely free of charge to download, here on our blog.

For ease of use we’ve made two copies of our cleaning company handbook available. One .pdf, one .doc. All you have to do is click either of the links below, right click – Save As and it’s yours, free.

The handbook has been formatted to remove all company names, all you need to do is do a ‘find and replace’ on the words ‘your company’, substitute it for your own company name and your done.

Aside from updating the company name and address, that’s it! And yes, you can add your own logo if you wish. Its totally free to use as you wish.

What are we asking for this? Absolutely nothing. However, should you be willing, please tweet, post to Facebook and share however you see fit. The links are at the bottom, its easy and after all sharing is caring.

Cleaning Company Employee Handbook.pdf

Cleaning Company Employee Handbook.doc

NB – Please remember this is a generic document that has been formatted for universal use. Take the time to read it through thoroughly as not all clauses, appendixes etc will apply to you.

Disclaimer – Newlife Cleaning Systems accepts no responsibility or liability for any issues that arise from the use of this document. It is the responsibility of you, the user, to edit as you require and tailor to the requirements of your business.

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