Environmental Services

As market leaders, Newlife are one of only a few specialists that can provide a complete environmental cleaning turnkey solution for your next project.

Our strength lies in being able to support all your environmental cleaning needs. We can provide decontamination of your site, waste disposal of all types of hazardous materials in line with relevant regulations and can complete full decommissioning and demolition works.

Decontamination services

Working across industrial manufacturing and healthcare sectors Newlife can provide specialist decontamination services and associated waste disposal solutions. Working for large-scale manufacturers and fabricators, we can provide effective decontamination for plant buildings and complexes.  Our service can include full decontamination of production lines, prior to product change, pipework, plant and HVAC systems. Our decontamination, decommissioning and demolition division have the expertise to carry out a full decontamination prior to commencement of a site-closure program, dismantling and removing items safely. We have obtained certificates in IPAF and PASMA, to decontaminate high-level areas.  We also arrange confined space and Lantra training, in the use of ATVs.

Danger Asbestos Warning SignS36 - Waste Disposal

Medical decontamination

With public concern over hospital cleanliness and ‘superbugs’, Newlife can provide full decontamination services for your facility. Our medical cleaning staff systematically deep clean affected areas, including specialist cleans of all HVAC systems and heavy floor scrubs.  They are experienced in decontaminating rooms, handling units and extraction systems for pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities. Emergency decontamination of schools and public sector buildings, following bacterial or viral outbreaks, is also available.

Waste disposal

In today’s environmentally conscious society customers are increasingly placing companies green credentials as paramount when choosing a waste disposal service or supplier. European directives and government legislation are placing more responsibility on business owners to efficiently deal with hazardous waste disposal. Newlife can provide complete ethical solutions to your waste disposal requirements. Providing total waste management for large stream production line and multi-site companies, Newlife as licensed hazardous waste carriers can efficiently manage all bulk liquid waste disposals. We can also facilitate the safe disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste including chemicals, oils, solvents, acids and alkalines. With detailed experience of large industrial decommissioning and site clearance projects, Newlife have facilitated waste management solutions for a range of clients, including toxic and hazardous chemical waste disposal. All industrial waste management contracts are co-ordinated by a dedicated project management team working to industry best practice guidelines, implementing all current HSE waste management legislation.

S39 - Toxic Mould Eradication

Specialist toxic mould removal is essential, fungicides and chemical killers have no place in decontamination as dead mould is more toxic.

Toxic mould eradication

With most new buildings constructed with timber and plasterboard that retain moisture, the risk of toxic and black mould infestation from flooding or leaked water damage is greatly increased. The exposure to mycotoxins and allergenic spores can cause serious health problems often with symptoms becoming apparent before visual appearance of a mould infestation. Specialist toxic mould removal is essential, fungicides and chemical killers have no place in decontamination as dead mould is more toxic. Taking full account for the health and safety of your staff and customers, Newlife will carry out a thorough risk assessment, providing detail of the nature and extent of the infestation alongside an appropriate strategy for complete toxic mould removal and decontamination. As part of a remediation program Newlife can remove all contaminated items, undertake hard surface decontamination and specialist treatments to porous masonry and timber. For thirty years Newlife have managed projects across the commercial sector working in industrial and office environments as well as buildings of historical architectural interest. On successful completion of the remediation process, Newlife will undertake specialist air testing for continued monitoring and analysis to allow for safe reoccupation of employees and customers.

Asbestos removal services

Having facilitated and managed large scale asbestos abatement projects nationwide, Newlife have the expertise to provide tailored solutions to all aspects of asbestos removal. From initial site survey our dedicated project management team will produce a detailed asbestos survey report outlining the location, condition and extent of your asbestos problem. With experience of managing asbestos removal for large decommissioning projects and commercial refurbishments, Newlife can carry out all aspects of specialist high level asbestos removal. Newlife promote best practice in asbestos removal and have long established relationships with many public and private sector clients. All asbestos abatement and remedial works are carried out within HSE guidelines.

S37a - Demolition

At Newlife, we adhere to health and safety legislations of IOSH, and prioritise their guidelines in every contract.


As part of any site decommissioning project Newlife can provide full dismantling and demolition services. Our dedicated project managers are experienced in the decommissioning and demolition of manufacturing, process plants and pharmaceutical facilities. Undertaking staged demolitions as part of a site closure program, our specialist demolition division can oversee systematic removal of areas of a site without interference to regular operations. At Newlife, we adhere to health and safety legislations of IOSH, and prioritise their guidelines in every contract. Our standalone department oversees all aspects of plant demolition, in-line with best practice industry guidelines.  For our operatives to work in a safe, effective way, they have received Lantra training in the use of skid-steers and ATVs, alongside confined space training.  They also hold industry accreditations in PASMA and IPAF certificates, for dismantling at high levels. We conform to all CDM regulations when arranging demolitions on construction site, and can act as the CDM coordinator if you require, keeping our operatives, and your building, safe. As an individual demolition service or as part of a comprehensive site closure program, Newlife strive to provide turnkey, professional solutions to all your decontamination, decommissioning and demolition needs. You can read our case study, where we provided a client with a combined decommissioning, and demolition service, here.

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