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It’s official, we have now moved into the first few days of spring- phew!  To mark this occasion, whilst tying our profession in with this season, we’re going to give you some tips on this year’s spring clean.  Undertaking a spring clean is the perfect way for you to freshen up your home, and wash away the damp and mildew from the winter.  It will make it a more healthy place for you to live; removing any lingering bacteria that you might not even know exists yet.

What’s the difference between a spring clean, and one done at any other time of the year?  For most people, it is the most thorough you’ll do all year.  It’s the one you’ll make the effort to move the sofas for, clean out the cupboards, and give every nook and cranny a good once-over.  It’s that time for you to completely strip back your home.  Hopefully, our tips will allow you to do this in an effective way, that won’t take up too much of your time.

So what are our tips?

Firstly, although it may seem like an obvious one, clean systematically.  It’s much easier to keep track of your clean, if you tackle each room from start to finish.  This will give you at least 3-4 miniature triumphs over the process, ticking off each room as you finish.  This also helps people who have limited time, as your work will be done in shorter bursts, which you can pick up and put down as it suits.

Secondly, in every room you clean, begin by removing the things you don’t currently use, that is taking up the much-needed space, for no particular purpose.  Be ruthless, as removing excess possessions will instantly make your room look cleaner, and more open.  Your unwanted items fall into two camps; the things that are broken or damaged, to be thrown out, and the things which are in a reasonable condition.  Use the latter to either give something back, by giving it to local charity shops, or get a little bit more cash, by selling them online.

Once this is done, it’s best to create an ordered cleaning system, which you follow for each room.  This will help you to ensure that nothing is missed.

As you begin, open the windows in the room.  This will instantly make the room feel fresher.

open window

You will need to set to task on any concealed areas first, so they are not forgotten.  This could include areas such as kitchen units, bedroom wardrobes, or cupboards under the stairs, depending on the room you’re  in.  Clear everything out of the area, before you begin your in-depth clean.  This will help you to reach every corner, so you can make sure the whole area is sanitised.  We recommend that you wash it twice; once, with soap and water, to remove the dust that’s accumulated since the last spring clean, and once with antibacterial polish, to ensure that everything is spotless.

On an additional note, it could also be beneficial to you to use all-natural products whilst you clean.  These  can be just as effective as the non-natural ones, and are much kinder to the environment.  They do not release toxic emissions that could harm the user, or the surrounding atmosphere.

For these concealed, internal spaces, make sure that every surface has been given attention.  Then, as you replace the items, decide whether they need a clean too.  They could be kitchen utensils, such as pots, pans and plates, or coats that haven’t been worn for months.  Although it may take a little bit more time, it will make a bit difference if spotlessly clean items are placed back in the area, and will keep it sanitary for longer.

After internal spaces have been done, you need to start looking at the visible surfaces; benches, walls, skirting boards, windows, and everything else the eye can see.

For varnished surfaces, such as door frames and doors, you can simply wipe and polish them clean.  Your painted walls, however, might be a little bit different, as a damp cloth may remove some of the paint in the process.  In these instances, touching up small blemishes with small, sample paints pots, will instantly remove the damage, and make your walls look refreshed.

paint pots

As before, we recommend that you wash these surfaces initially, to remove any dust that may have collected there, before you disinfect and polish it.  For these, and every other surface, cleaning from top to bottom is the best, most regulated approach to take- especially when working on windows.  This also has the added advantage that you can sweep any bits of dust and grime onto the floor, which will be taken care of in the next step.

Finally, target your floors- whether they’re wooden, laminate or carpeted, you should still always begin with a thorough vacuum of the area.  Make sure that, because it’s a spring clean after all, you move your furniture to fully cleanse the property.  Follow up with a disinfecting mop on all uncarpeted surfaces.

You may decide, if your poor carpet has been the victim of many stains this year, to enlist the services of a professional carpet cleaner.  The process, which will only take up a day, will make carpets look instantly as good as new, without the cost of buying new carpets.

This is something we at Newlife can arrange for you, if you require.  If you would like any more advice on our carpet cleaning services, please visit our website, or contact our offices on 0800 018 9099.

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