Medical and Clinical Cleaning

As UK market leaders in the clinical and medical cleaning sector, Newlife are proud of the reputation we have built up over the past 20 years.

Working in partnership with many of the countries Primary Care Trusts we have developed well proven and tested methods of irradiating viruses and super bugs throughout the NHS and Private Sectors with a our comprehensive medical cleaning services.



To many health professionals, ambulances have been seen as the weakest link in the fight against MRSA, with superbugs thriving in vehicles used to transport patients- increasing risk of further infection outbreaks.

S56 - Ambulances

With most crews responsible for their own cleaning there is not always time between calls to keep their ambulances clean and free from infection risk. Emergencies always take precedent and to coincide with the daily routine, cleaning undertaken by dedicated crews nationwide Newlife can provide specialist periodic deeps clean of all areas; aiding in reduced infection risks and a higher standard of cleaning for patients.

Working at agreed times to cause minimum disruption to your operations, Newlife have thirty years’ experience in health sector cleaning. Whether it is assisting mobile crews or the daily cleaning of ambulance stations, we strive to provide complete solutions to the UK ambulance service.


Newlife are consciously aware of the acute pressures UK hospitals currently face having already supported a number of NHS trusts in their deep clean programs.

By supporting front line staff in their deep clean initiatives, Newlife can provide a concentrated service, complementing and supporting the high levels of on-going cleaning currently undertaken in our hospitals.

All staff are medically screened and regularly work in hospitals, prisons, police stations and schools; allowing you full peace of mind regarding the health and safety of patients.

S55 - Hospitals

Newlife’s operatives will systematically clean each area of your premises undertaking thorough deep cleans of beds, equipment, windows, vents, grills and all other fixtures and fittings. We can also provide specialist heavy floor scrubs, kitchen deep cleans and ventilation hygiene.

All work would be undertaken at agreed times involving minimum disruption for your staff and patients.

Trauma Scene Cleaning

Newlife are acutely aware of the health hazards involved in the cleaning and safe removal of bio hazardous materials resulting from accidental or intentional trauma.

Trauma scene cleaning and crime scene cleaning is more than just standard domestic cleaning. Many people assume that the emergency services will clean a scene when they have finished providing their essential services, this is not the case.

Effective trauma scene management requires a specialist level of cleaning. Newlife’s experienced trauma scene cleaning team will work discreetly with respect to effectively remove all bio waste materials, sanitise and disinfect all contaminated areas.

Newlife are experienced in handling natural and violent death clean-ups, suicide clean ups and cleaning up after undiscovered deaths. All potentially infectious materials are disposed in line with current medical and environmental legislation and full blood cleaning and stains removal is carried out as part of our trauma scene cleaning service.

We hope that you will never require our crime or trauma scene services, however if you do, our operatives will work with compassion and professionalism to provide an effective solution and swift conclusion, whatever the circumstances.

S57 - Dentists

Newlife will professionally undertake all waste disposal including sharps and soft clinical waste


Working in partnership with practices across the UK, Newlife are specialists in the field of medical waste disposal. With the very real threat of cross contamination from blood and saliva Newlife will professionally undertake all waste disposal including sharps and soft clinical waste.

Our experienced medically screened staff can undertake periodic deep cleans of all consultation rooms and communal areas to complement and enhance the standard of your daily cleaning staff.

Our specialist service can also include wall washing, heavy floor scrubs and ventilation hygiene to suit your exacting requirements.
With detailed experience working in hospitals, prisons and police stations Newlife strive to provide turnkey cleaning solutions for your practice.

Sharps removal

Medical syringes, blades and needles present a real hazard to health. Needle stick and puncture injuries can lead to accidental infection from deadly blood pathogens including HIV and hepatitis.

All discarded materials should be dealt and disposed of legally by a specialist company. Newlife provide a range of managed needles and sharps removal services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

With long standing partnerships with public and private healthcare associations across the country, Newlife provide a safe and efficient range of disposal units.

Our fully managed service covers removal and disposal of all sharps, needle sticks, syringes and associated medical waste.


Supporting the healthcare sector in providing specialist cleaning services, Newlife have worked in partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturing and logistics companies throughout the UK.

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