iPhone Apps Hit the Cleaning Industry

Nowadays Smartphones have become integral to many people’s lives.  If you’re lost, you can access digital maps through your phone’s GPS system.  If you have something you’re compelled to share, you can tweet it, or change your Facebook status by just a tap of the buttons on your phone.  Now, one UK contract cleaning company have taken the Smartphone generation to a new level; utilizing their popularity to create an iPhone app to benefit their business.

The waste disposal cleaning company is the first of its kind to use this type of technology to theirs and their clients’ advantage.  Their app, which has been designed for clients looking for a waste collection service, allows them to receive a quote in a simple, convenient and immediate way.

Once the app is on the client’s iPhone, the welcome page invites them to video the waste they would like the company to dispose of; giving the company an accurate perspective of what they would be removing.  Once the video has been taken, the app then offers the opportunity to select a time when they would like the waste to be removed.  They have a choice of ‘Anytime’, a ‘Specific Date’ or a ‘2 Hour Window.’  The client is also made aware that the more specific their collection time, the higher the cost will be.  After they have requested this, the app uses the GPS on the phone to find their location, which they are then asked to confirm.  Once this is done, a summary of their request us shown to them, which when approved sends an email to the cleaning contractor, requesting a quote.

Junk removal app

The contractor then receives all the information, and emails an accurate quote back to the client for this particular service.
This contract cleaning company is moving with the times in a fantastic and efficient way.  Once clients have this app, it is free to use, and makes arranging a waste collection service quick and simple.  They don’t need to make phone calls or arrange a time for an estimator to visit, and they can be given a quick quotation for the job cost without leaving their home.  All they need to do is pick up their mobile phone.

In terms of business, the cleaning contractors themselves are also saving money and time.  With a video of the waste arriving directly to them, they save money on sending a member of staff to the site to assess the cost of its removal.  It is also a very quick and immediate way to access business, and will open the company up to clients who would rather quickly use an app to receive a price, than liaise back and forth with the company.

The design of one of the first iPhone apps to benefit cleaning contractors is an exciting development for the industry.  There is only one element which makes me think the contractor should proceed with caution.  With this type of technology, there is always the danger that it will be misused, and that clients may video less waste than they actually have to remove; causing  complications later on.   Otherwise, I think this is a very positive advancement of technology in the industry, and it won’t be long until other companies follow suit.

Original article about this app, can be found at:  http://www.cleaning-matters.co.uk/stories/articles/-/newsletters/2011/july/news/waste_clearance_iphone_app_launched/.

You can see a video of the app at:  http://www.youtube.com/user/AnyJunkVideo?gl=GB&feature=mhee#p/a/u/0/VIWbrSgOMwQ

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