Improving Business with Diamond Polishing Pads

When you walk into any high-end  hotel, restaurant, clothes shop or even supermarket, you enter with  certain expectations.  You hope to receive an excellent level of service from smartly dressed staff and you expect the environment to be spotless.  These factors make places like this a pleasure for consumers to visit and makes them return time after time.

In the economy we are in, most business owners in industries such as these cannot afford to make drastic, all-encompassing changes to improve their standing; costs to refurbish are too high, and often staff turnover is so great that extensive staff development isn’t an option.  One small, affordable change can be made, which will make a real difference to the overall appearance of their business; their floor polishing routine.  This claim may sound dramatic, but when you’re next in a Marks & Spencer’s Food Store, or if you visit a five star hotel like the Hilton you will notice; the floors have a reflective shine that enhances the overall presentation of the room.

This shine can be achieved in several ways, although most business owners turn to contract cleaning companies, who take away the hassle in exchange for hefty invoices.  An alternative, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to achieve this type of shine, is through the use of diamond polishing pads.  Diamond polishing pads are specialist floor cleaning pads which contain minute diamonds.  The hard diamonds in the pads effectively remove dirt and give a standard of polish that other polishing pads cannot; they can improve soiled and scratched floors beyond recognition.

diamond polishing pads

Diamond polishing pads are a very economical way for businesses to make quick and drastic improvements to their flooring, because they do not require any change to the cleaning routines already in place.  Existing equipment can be used as normal, as the pads can attach to most wet and dry scrubber driers, burnishers and high speed floor polishers.  No new machinery is required to make the pads work, and the cleaning staff do not need any specialist training to use them; removing two  substantial financial burdens from the business owner.

With diamond polishing pads, the business owner is only steps away from achieving an enviable floor shine equivalent to their top-end competitors.  The pads come in a variety of textures, which when utilized correctly, give a deep-clean to scratched, dull and damaged surfaces, giving them a glossy shine.  Once their floor has undergone one deep-clean, regular cleaning with the pads is enough to maintain the shine; the daily work time does not need to increase, so the inconvenience to the business owner, staff and public is also minimised.

The diamond polishing pads would be an investment into a business’s future, rather than a one-off purchase, because they are very adaptable.  They can be used on several  types of flooring; to maintain the surface of terrazzo, reverse scratches on stone and granite, and even polish concrete.  This means they could be used one more than one surface and in different areas, maximising their output for the business.  They are also constructed to be extremely durable, in order to withstand the friction caused by dry burnishers, so can be used several times; making even more out of the investment.

The business could also improve their green credentials by using diamond polishing pads, as they do not require the use of harsh, or dangerous chemicals; detergent and water can achieve an immaculate finish.  This creates a safe, more pleasant place for staff and public to operate in, and is advantageous to the environment and the atmosphere.

Environmentally friendly

A business’s decision to change the cleaning pads on their polishers and scrubbers to diamond polishing pads is small, but can have a big impact.  Whilst their cleaning routine, staff, and time remains  the same, the quality of shine is unquestionable; improving the overall appearance of the building and creating an environment that appeals to consumers.

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