Edwardian Vacuum Discovered

Since the weather outside is so cheerful, we thought a lighthearted blog post would be the order of the day.  And what better way, than letting you know about a cleaning industry treasure that’s recently been written about in a Tomorrow’s Cleaning article.

If nothing else, this story is a lesson in the advantages of buying high-quality products. It also hints towards the benefits of never throwing anything out- something which some people make a virtue out of, and others detest.

The star of the show is an 108 year old vacuum cleaner, which has been discovered, still in perfect working condition.

The story goes, that a collector by the name of Harry Cox, plucked this most ancient of household objects from his workplace.  Harry worked in a paper merchant factory- somewhat surprising when you think that the an antique vacuum cleaner would be more likely to be found in a long-standing cleaning company.

In the lead-up to Harry’s company moving premises, they were having a cull of unwanted items; something which typically comes alongside a big move, and the vacuum cleaner in question was among the items to be thrown out during this process.  The article reported that it was only Mr Cox’s penchant for collectables, that saved the vacuum from destruction- he has a hobby of collecting old things, and getting them working again- especially obscure objects that he hasn’t seen before.  Reluctant to see such an archaic piece of anything go to waste, Harry stopped them in their tracks.

For those interested in the particular make of vacuum cleaner, it was an American Sturtevant, which looks like the picture below.  It was used for hotels and other residential areas, and came equipped with brushes, and add-ons to vacuum upholstery, such as curtains and furniture. It is a testament to the quality of this machine, that it is still working to the standard that it was back in 1904, when it was first produced, and even more surprising that it isn’t a product designed for heavy-duty work, or especially hard-wearing.

vacuum cleaner old

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You can read the original article here.

Image taken from: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/the-worlds-oldest-vacuum-cleaner-still-749148

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