A Breath of Fresh Air on the Hottest Day of the Year.

The first of a series of Team and Lean seminars promoted by NICE (National Institute of Cleaning Education) kicked off at Capital Cleaning Supplies in Kent last week.

A long drive on what was one of the hottest days of the year was amply rewarded with an honest and straightforward action packed showcase of cleaning equipment innovations, software and discussions on the way forward for cleaning industry training.

Hosted by Steve Wentzell in Capital’s purpose built training centre in Kent, over 25 industry professionals gathered to see, touch and try cleaning equipment which could give the forward thinking contractor a whole series of USP’s in today’s competitive market place.

With an introductory talk by organiser Des Fulcher extolling the benefits of ProTeam backvacs in square feet per hour efficiency terms and in user friendliness. Reduced bending and less wear and tear on the arms by substituting almost a figure of eight type mopping movement as compared to the usual push-me-pull-you vacuuming action.

When used in conjunction with the Sidewinder floor tools and extending vacuum poles the possible time savings, improved cleaning efficiency and H&S benefits were stunning and would impress any potential client with an eye on value and improved standards.

Indeed this was also the case with the Spacevac high reach vacuum system designed for high level vacuuming, gutter cleaning and accessing hard to reach areas. It is achieving record sales with contractors wanting to add on a specialist service or simply remove the hassles of using industrial subbies. Utilising impressively light, carbon fibre, standard diameter vacuum poles the system removes the need for MEWPs with obvious financial, training and H&S benefits and can be used both internally and externally and can come with a mounted video system so the quality of clean can be presented visually to your client.

The Vikan Easy Shine extendable pole system is one of those simple ideas which make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it first! It’s a hygienic telescopic pole system incorporating a flat, swivelling base pad to hold a micro-fibre cloth. Ideal for de-skilling internal window cleaning, speeding up the cleaning of glazed wall tiles or even leaving stainless steel lift doors and panels streak free and shiny.

Nico Roos introduced the latest developments in The Cleaning System estimating software package. Developed in Denmark over 20 years ago this benefits from continuous improvement to meet the increasing challenges of the cleaning marketplace. Utilising ISSA standard times but fully capable of customisation based on actual site based work experience it is possible to offer clients a relatively quick ‘what if’ scenario to any suggested changes to their building cleaning programme and indeed benchmark against current best practice to highlight areas of inefficiency in their current cleaning regime.

An interesting and refreshing day which is highly recommended to both contractors and end users. The series continues with the next event being in Northampton.

NICE – www.trainnice.com
The Cleaning System – www.thecleaningsystem.com
Vikan – www.vikanspecialist.nl/en/component/allvideoshare/video/vikan-easy-shine-kit
Sidewinder – www.centecsystems.co.uk
Spacevac – www.rscompressors.co.uk
Pro Team – www.proteamvacs.co.uk
The United Kingdom Cleaning Professionals Academic Service – www.UKCPAS.co.uk

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