11 Ways to generate more leads for your cleaning business? Part One

It’s easy to be stuck in a rutt when it comes to marketing. The digital landscape is always changing and the latest cutting edge ideas soon become the norm. For many, word of mouth and canvassing is seen as the only affordable and effective way to generate new business. This post, published in two parts, covers some of the most effective marketing techniques avaiable to cleaning marketers.

1 – Construction Tenders

Glenigans/ Barbour ABI/ QSL – There is plenty of choice out there. Try not to think of them just as builders cleans opportunities. Contacted early enough there is the possibility of daily cabin clean contracts. A good sized 12 month build could have a number of site cabins that will require daily cleaning. Their is also the consumables supply to consider. Construction is all about relationships, a satisfied Quantity Surveyor or site manager, will use you again and again as they move to new projects. Construction Tenders also provide contact detail for the end client who may need daily cleaning services upon occupying the new build.

2 – Regional Procurement Portals

If you are looking to work within the public sector, regional procurement portals are a must. The days of councils supplier list of favourites are long gone. In many regions, any contract with an annual value of over £4000 now has to go to tender through these portals. To be considered for lower value work, you also need to be registered on the portal, as companies are chosen at random to provide the service required. Along with the regional portals, there are also portals for the NHS and the Police force. There is no need to limit yourself category wise so register with them now as it’s free.

3 – Join a Networking Group

If you’re in local/regional business you need to network, it’s that simple. You can have the best PR engine around, but if you don’t put your face out there, you’re missing valuable opportunities. Networking can be hit and miss, you don’t want to get caught in the trap of using it as an excuse to get out of the office for an hour for a pot of lunch. I recommended committing to a BNI Chapter. Joining a structured referral based networking group is best way to maximise your networking efforts.

4 – Telemarketing

Telemarketing in cleaning is not a dirty word. In fact, to call it telemarketing is an insult to what it is. Cleaning by its nature is repeat business. Who is developing your clients to sell your full service range? rebooking jobs at month 6 or 12? Ringing your construction tender leads and building your pipeline. The web is great, but local telemarketing will always have a place. For example, if a company is approached by three cleaning firms via the phone to price for the daily cleaning contract when is due, are they going to use the web for a solution? No.

5 – Google Alerts

Google Alerts are emails sent to you when Google finds new results — such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs — that match your search term. You can use them to find out what is being said about your brand, keep up to date on competitors activities or keywords relevant to your business. In this instance ‘cleaning contracts’ or ‘cleaning tenders’. It will work as a capture all, including news stories of contract awards, but you’ll also receive alerts for new contracts listed on.

Next month we’ll be looking at 6 more, mainly digital ways to generate for business for your cleaning company.

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